Albany at the dawn of the ANZAC legend


Albany at the Dawn of the Anzac Legend captures the unique story of a quiet country town located at the southern tip of Western Australia and depicts the integral role it played in dispatching the first convoys of Australian and New Zealand forces to the battlefield of Gallipoli.

Historical photographs first show us this idyllic Australian town in the early years of the twentieth century with children at play, people at work and an active social scene in this close-knit community.

Beginning to enjoy a reputation as a health resort, Albany attracts visitors keen to experience its fresh coastal air and cooler temperatures, but the outbreak of war brings an end to these happy times. Within three months, the first convoy of the Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force has assembled in King George Sound, and so the ANZAC legend was born.

This story takes us through to the end of the Great War, to the tradition of the dawn service, and to Albany as it stands today – an important commercial centre for the Great Southern region of Western Australia, and a charming and popular tourist destination.