Perth & Beyond

The Charm of Perth & “Must-See” Destinations

Perth & Beyond – First Impressions & Lasting Images is an evolution of our highly successful publication on the City of Perth. By incorporating the “Beyond” we now include the must see destinations of Broome, The Pinnacles and Margaret River. This will add another dimension to our book which captures the charm of Perth City, its architecture, parks and gardens, cosmopolitan lifestyle and wonderful heritage.

Ideal Corporate Gift

Engaging Impressions

Popular chapters on our beautiful beaches, Fremantle, Rottnest Island, the Swan Valley and the Darling Ranges will again be featured. The success and appeal of this book will once more be driven by the simple recipe of superb photography (being the Lasting Images) and engaging, easy to read text of quotable quotes from an intriguing range of sources (the First Impressions). Examples of these include: American astronaut Colonel John Glenn’s remarks from his space capsule as it passed over Western Australia in 1962; famous author D.H. Lawrence who, unknown to many, spent time in the Darling Ranges of Perth in the 1930s; and even a dedicated Perth lifesaver commenting on the wonderful summer/ beach lifestyle of his city.

For this edition we are also adding a corporate flavour and will feature quotes from Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi, and Chairman of the Perth Convention Bureau, Ian Laurance.